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Casino Life is recruiting

2011-10-31 08:54:45 by Argentin

Casino Life needs new members on the team

Casino Life is a casino simulator that can be played on the facebook platform
What started as a simple game experiment, soon became a huge project too big for just 2 indie developers
So we are looking to expand the team, to help out with the game
We need artists to be able to help out with:
-Decorations and other content that will be placed inside the casino
-Clothing & accessories for the characters
-Illustrator to help us create a mascot that will appear in the tutorial and other parts of the game

The official launch date of the game is 30 November 2011
Because of this, the game did not start to generate any kind of revenue yet,so we will not be able to pay you right away.We will only be able to pay after we start earning money from the players
I want to remind you, we're a team of 2 indie developers, we're not a huge company
We do not want to take advantage of anyone, we're just looking to increase the team which will be an advantageous thing for all of us, because we will grow together

Here's some of the things we have created so far, hopefully this will help you decide to join us

You can even play a beta version of the game on facebook, but remember it is incomplete and you might even encounter a few bugs

We have everything figured out, and we are working on a constant day by day basis as we are all ver passionate about the game

Contact me via PM if you are interested in joining our team, or just want more information about the game

Casino Life is recruiting


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